Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two donations to Science Fction Foundation Collection

Bookdealer, literary agent and fan Les Flood (left) has generously donated his awards (British Fantasy Award "Special award", 1985) , and the 1986 World SF "Dedicated Service Award" 1986) to the Science Fiction Foundation Collection.

Les Flood, now retired, was one of the "movers and shakers" of British sf in the 1950, and was instrumental in setting up the International Fantasy Awards in the early 1950s, before the establishment of the Hugo Awards. Gregory Pickersgill's webpage on http://http://www.gostak.org.uk/ifa/ifaindex.htm gives information about the IFA, images (of which the image above left is one) and reproduces an early article by Les on the IFA.

We are very grateful to Les for his generosity and support.

In addition, British fan Andy Croft has donated part of a collection of books left him by his late brother to fill gaps in our stock. It is always irritating to have three-quarters of a series, and this generous donation allows us to tackle this. We are extremely grateful.