Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New blog for Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database

Hal Hall, of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database, Texas A&M University, writes:

"When I dipt into the future far as human eye could see.."

Science Fiction and Fantasy Research database has been up on the web since July 2000. With some good fortune, it will remain up and running for 4 more years before change becomes inevitable. However...

Change is coming, and planning for change is an issue on my mind. Planning for a significant change also takes time, and planning is always best with good information, so I am coming to these participants of these listservs as sources of information, opinion, and advice.

To do so, I have embarked on an experiment in contemporary communication - a Web Log, or Blog. The blog, titled Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database, may be used at:

This tool will allow the capture of comments very effectively, and in a form I can use with the various administrators who may be involved in any decisions on the future.

There may be other options than the ones I have noted on the Blog; please feel free to propose any new ideas.

The other element of decision-making is the value of the Database to the community. Your comments regarding that matter will be of use to the administrators, also.

Thank you for your time. Hall