Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Life and Work of Jane Webb Loudon

Women & Science in the Nineteenth-Century: Science Fiction and Science Education
Leeds Trinity University College 27th-28th June 2011

Call for Papers

Jane Webb Loudon (1807-1858) is a neglected figure of interest to a range of research areas including women’s professional writing, the promotion of science and women’s education and speculative fiction. She is best known for The Mummy! A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century (1827) and Gardening for Ladies (1840). The conference intends to explore the life, work and example of Jane Webb Loudon in the context of women and science in the nineteenth century. It therefore seeks papers from various disciplinary perspectives on fictional and non-fictional contributions by women to the formation of popular scientific awareness during the nineteenth century.
We welcome proposals for contributions on the following topics:

Women’s Science Fiction Victorian Science Fiction Women & Scientific Research
Popular Science Jane Webb Loudon’s Circle Women’s Magazines
Visualising Social Change Botany and Horticulture Children’s Education
Women’s positions and voices within late Victorian science fiction 1850-1910
Nineteenth-century speculative writing Science & Social Reform
Scientific Writing & the Periodical Press Class & Entry to the Professions
Women’s Education and Science in Popular Fiction Women’s Gardening
Vivisection Represented in Women’s Writing Gender debates in Science Fiction

Keynote speakers, Matthew Beaumont, Alan Rauch, Andy Sawyer, Ann B. Shteir

First Call for Papers. Please send 500 word abstracts to arpfmail@yahoo.co.uk with the subject line Women and Science in the Nineteenth Century by August 1st 2010
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