Monday, May 20, 2013

The Midwich Dayout at Letchmore Heath  on Sunday 19th May celebrating Village of the Damned (where many of the film's exterior scenes were shot) was a good, er, day out. Among the guests were Barbara Shelley, who played Anthea Zellaby in the film, and Martin Stephens, Teri Scoble, Lesley Scoble, and Peter Preidel, who were among the blond, staring-eyed "cuckoo" children.

My talk about Village of the Damned, and John Wyndham's The Midwich Cuckoos and its unfinished "sequel" Midwich Main was well received. A highlight of the day was a guided tour around Letchmore Heath, seeing buildings and locations which featured in the film.

Journalist Darrel Buxton (far left) interviewing (l-r) Lesley Scoble, Barbara Shelley, and Peter Preidel.

Four of the Midwich "Cuckoos": l-r Martin Stephens, Teri Scoble, Lesley Scoble, Peter Preidel.